Cinematography/Edit/Direction: Juan Guerra [TBF Multimedia Creations] I have been a surf cinematographer involved in the mindless pursuit of capturing moments of perfection in waves and in surfing for the past 4 years. There was very little money involved in the process, but nevertheless, the simple activity of capturing those amazing moments was enough to fulfill my inspiration. I guess the key to being inspired in doing the things we love is to keep it simple; if it's fun and gratifying, you are naturally inclined to keep doing it! Main inspirations include: Bali Strickland, Rick Rifici, Matt Kleiner, and Taylor Steele. Surfers (in order of appearance): Mick Fanning, Dane Reynolds, Manuel Selman, Magnum Martinez, Gabriel Villaran, Thiago Camarao, Gabriel Medina, Andy Irons RIP, and Kelly Slater (and a couple of other unknowns). Surf locations: California, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Equipment & Platform used: Panasonic HDC-TM700 for water footage, Canon 60D & Sony HX-100V for land shots, and Sony Vegas Pro for editing and color correction. Music by: Active Child - "Hanging On" (